It's begun........

Dear sweet lord above I’ve done it.
I’m moving to Suwon, South Korea in less then a month (23 days, but who’s counting?), leaving my family, friends and the life I have carved out for myself here at home (Calgary, Alberta….please don’t judge me….), packing up my entire life into 4 pieces of luggage (2 checked, 2 carry-on…although if Dave had his way, I’m sure I’d be leaving with nothing more then a handkerchief tied to a stick……are you allowed to bring sticks on a plane these days? Didn’t think so…..), and moving to a country where I don’t know anyone (except that guy I’m sorta dating), don’t speak the language, have never been to or even thought of visiting in my life, and living there for one full year.
Holy Eff……
But that’s not really what I’m talking about here. No, what I am in shock about is that fact that I, Stephanie C.T. Morris, Burlesque dancer and Administrative Assistant extraordinaire, have started a blog. Yes, it’s true. If you look out your window, those pigs should be airborne right about……now.
There will now be a place for me to come to and freely express my thoughts, feelings and general wonderings about life, love and the pursuit of happiness while living in a country I know next to nothing about and interacting with people, many of whom will regard me as either some sort of Russian prostitute, or a pale-faced alien being who might know a thing or two about speaking English, but clearly has no fashion sense, is a little loud and overbearing at times, and has an amusing habit of throwing epileptic fits whenever a cockroach wanders into view.
Alright, so not a whole lot different then here at home…BUT!
I will now have an outlet to communicate my emotions, ideas, and opinions about these and many other experiences I’m bound to have in a constructive, concise and electronic manner to all of you back home.
Please take a moment to realize the implications this will have on your everyday life.
Yes, yes, I know. I understand if a few tears are being shed. I have that effect on a lot of people.

So really, all that’s left to do is pack up and get to the airport on time. Our plane tickets are bought. Our work visas have arrived. Passports? Check. New luggage? Check. Doing the Dance of Joy because I only have 8 more days of having my soul sucked out by a computer screen and fluorescent lights? Done and done.
I have my freak out moments, I’m sure I’ll have more in the next few weeks. But more then anything, I’m excited. Excited by the prospect of a new job (thank the good Lord), a new apartment, a new city, a new life really, and the opportunity to experience the world in a way I never thought I would.
Oh, and Dave? I’m sorry in advance for the teeth and claw marks that I’ll be making on you, while I’m screaming and crying as you attempt to hold me back from getting off the plane as we’re taking off on the 22nd.
I’ll be fine. No worries.
Suwon, here I come!!!!


Aw, sweetheart... your blog is pink :) I'm glad you've started this. Now you NEED a laptop.
KMac said…
I, for one, am glad you started a blog. Now I can keep up with your international exploits. And you write so well, good on you. At the end of your Koren year, you can print the lot of them off, publish them and call you book "Memoirs of a Non-Geisha".
KMac said…
By the way, it's Kathy.
Luigi said…
Dave stole my comment! Pink is your colour. Don't fret, you will have a blast and be absolutely fine. Besides, if you keep Dave by your sides, the locals will fear the great Giant from the West and be on their best behaviour. As for you, well....
kate m. said…
yeah! this will be fun... it's entertaining already. i mean that in a good way :)
Kathy said…
Woohoo!! Count me in as subscriber number #6 (0r whatever...). BTW, I have a whopping 2.5 weeks lead on you in the blogosphere and am therefore entitled to offer all kinds of unsolicited advice and aid... just kidding. Muck your way through like the rest of us...
Hope to see you and George in a couple of weeks in Cow Town.

Amy Kimberley said…
oh the pink is so pretty babe!! Off to a good start haha!!


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