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I haven’t been sleeping well as of late. And by as of late I mean since arriving in Seoul in May. I have slept all the way through the night approximately once since touching down. At first I chocked it up to nothing more than a severe case of jet lag, combined with the stress of starting a new job, and a fucking stressful job at that. Working for 14 hours a day might have enduced exhaustion in some but not this girl. Nope. Having to move 3 times in 2 months while hauling 2 suitcases, 1 backpack and an assload of emotional baggage also might have taken its toll on some. But not this girl. Watching the curtain close on yet another significant chapter in one’s life while being confronted with uncomfortable realities that one was seemingly unprepared for, might also have sent certain others into an emotional coma. But not this girl. I can’t sleep. And it’s starting to get to me.

Last week I had one of the worst days I’ve ever had in Korea. It was Friday and after a (yet another) night o…


See you on the flip side my sister.
Congrats. You survived.
I love you.

Solo in Seoul: The Soundtrack

John Mayer

I Could Say
Lily Allen

Lady GaGa

Crazy Bitch
Buck Cherry

You Rock my World

Your Ex-Lover is Dead



Dashboard Confessional

Time in a Bottle
Jim Croce

Morning Train
Sheena Easton

I’m Shipping Up to Boston
Dropkick Murphys

Life in Technicolor

Hawksley Workman

Broken Strings
James Morrison

The Killers

Most of the Time
Bob Dylan

I am in the midst of compiling a playlist for my last night in Seoul.
There is much about bidding adieu to my experiences here that I have come to terms with/have been looking forward to/celebrated. Saying goodbye to this amazing city is not one of them. I feel truly blessed to have been able to spend close to a year and a half of my life living in, loving and exploring this place. On my last Sunday here, I’ll be trekking up to Namsan tower, an observatory situated atop a hill in the center of Seoul, to sit, sip iced coffee and watch the sun go down. The polluted haze that hangs in the heated air will…

Connecting, Reflecting, and other such nonsense.

This time around…

I feel more connected. In every way one can be.

I feel more connected to those who have become intertwined in the day to day life I am currently leading, than I felt about the people who I, once upon a time, spent close to a full year with. Nowadays I have come to appreciate the simple lunches and thoughtful hellos, no muss, no fuss. Dinner in Gangnam, gossiping and waxing poetic about cultural politics. Acknowledgement of how short our time has been/is/will be together, and sincere bittersweet smiles at the thought of saying goodbye. Weekend hiking trips. Tears, chocolate cookies and milk. Shisha, wine and cigarettes.

I feel more connected to myself, relaxing into my skin in a way I’d forgotten existed. Loudmouthed and sassy. Speaking my mind in a way that suits me regardless of how or what people may think. My ironic surprise at the acceptance, understanding and laughter that greets me more often then not when I do so. And I do. So. Often. Laughter. I’d forgotten ho…

Swiss Chard, Skype and other things I'm grateful for.

It’s pouring rain here in SK. I can hear it outside pounding the sidewalk and the sides of the apartment buildings that surround my own. I love the rain. Rainy days were made for staying indoors, sipping tea and listening to jazz. Puttering around the house, maybe catching up on some reading. The sound of the rain can make you feel lonely though, the dark rhythm of water, the sense of isolation compounded with the knowledge that I am indeed alone, more so then I have been in a very long time, and far far away from the place I call home.
I don’t often feel lonely here. Surrounded each day by rooms full of students, lunches in the teachers room, hurried, full of laughter and kimbap. Evenings spent prepping, marking, or making my blessed escape to the gym, shutting out the world for a few hours where all I have to do is listen to The Chemical Brothers and focus on breathing, reps, running, stretching. My weekends here are spent in much the same fashion, with little treats thrown in there…