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In Over My Head.....


So what the fuck else is new though, really?


Weekend sum up:

Tim Hortons.
Glitter, feathers, corsets, high heels, high kicks, high, high, high……
Gin, vodka, cranberry gingerale, Lucky Lager, Burt Reynolds in a shot glass.
2 hours of sleep… a sleeping bag…with no pillow…on the floor.
Value Village…..oh yes.
Strippers at 4pm.
Thinking….”I could do that….”
Realizing…”I could do that….better…”
Vodka and Red Bull.
Duran Duran, Culture Club, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Billie Joel, Bon Jovi, The Police, Pat Benatar, Madonna, George Michael, Sting, Aerosmith….and MJ. Oh MJ……
Big hair, bad make-up, boobs, booty and a bunch of bad-ass chicks...rockin out.
3 hours of sleep… a sleeping bag….with no pillow…on the floor.
Rain, rain, rain…..Tim Hortons…..the highway…….
Home Sweet Home.
Big smile.
Big sigh.
Back to reality.

School is a blog for another time. For now, I am grateful for gin, girls and glitter…and John Mayer…….

…..And I could see …

And so it goes…..

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, the kind that makes you feel exhilarated and high one minute, and downright nauseous the next. Life continues to surprise me, even in my old, old age.

It’s always been my personal belief that unless you learn the lessons life throws your way the first time it does so, you will be forced/doomed to repeat your mistakes and learn those life lessons, over and over and over, with the stakes becoming higher and higher each time. The following is one life lesson I think I’ve finally learned. Nothing in life will ever happen the way you expect it to.
Seriously. Ever.
You can wrack your brain and exhausted every possible scenario that you ever imagine could possible be conceived. You will mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for every single one of these scenarios and arm yourself with the knowledge that your confidence, strength of character, and those deep breathing medititation exercises you spent the past 3 months honing will carry you through…