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Boys will be boys

I’m feeling pretty good about the fact that it’s Friday. This week was one of non-stop stress, climaxing yesterday evening with an incident in one of my classes, involving me, a group of four thirteen year old boys and a serious flashback to a memory of me in junior high school. In this memory, which took place on a Wednesday afternoon (funny how stuff like that sticks with you), I was late for class and running down the hallway. I passed by a group of guys I knew in passing, who were undoubtably skipping class, who proceeded to chase me down said hallway, barking at the top of their lungs. You know. Cause I’m ugly. Like a dog. Get it? I ended up missing class because I was holed up in the girl’s washroom, bawling my face off, and too scared to come out in case they were waiting for me outside the door.

This is a moment for me; I’d just like to point out. I just revealed an incredibly humiliating memory, and am allowing myself to be brutally honest with the three of you who actually r…

Looking for a little Inspiration.....

I miss theatre. I miss it so much.

I’ve been a total slacker on the blog as of late. Apologies to the both of you who actually care☺
Actually that’s only partly true, not the both of you who care comment…if there are indeed that many sad, sad individuals who have nothing better to so then read about my so-called life….just kidding B! I know how valuable your time is and I love that you care enough to check in!
Oh yeah…you too mom.
I was referring to the total slacker part; it’s not that I haven’t meant to write. But a writer requires inspiration in order to deliver the goods, and I’ve been lacking in that department as of late. The past little while has been pretty tame, no pig roasts or other such animalistic sacrificial proceedings to report, the nervous breakdowns have been reduced to one a week at most, by and large brought on by one of the many near death experiences I experience on a near-daily basis courtesy of the “drivers” here who seemingly peruse the streets in their deat…


I was a deprived child.
It’s true,
Sure my parents gave me food, shelter and clothes to put on my back. Yeah, they made sure I was raised with a sense of responsibility for my own actions and an awareness of the people around me and how we all affect each other in some way, shape or form. Yes, they showed me that two people could survive three kids, two big moves, one amazing dog and a thirty-plus year marriage and still be in love with each other. And ok, they loved me more then I will ever know or possibly be able to understand. BUT.
As a child, I was never allowed to go trick or treating.
I know. I know. You have to pass through hell fire to get a drivers license these days, but they’ll let anyone have a kid. It’s sad. So sad. They told me they were concerned for my safety. Whatever. Give me a freakin break.
Miraculously, I survived this grave injustice and have somehow managed to become the intelligent, rational, judicious, stunning individual you all know and love.
Thank you, thank y…