Looking for a little Inspiration.....

I miss theatre. I miss it so much.

I’ve been a total slacker on the blog as of late. Apologies to the both of you who actually care☺
Actually that’s only partly true, not the both of you who care comment…if there are indeed that many sad, sad individuals who have nothing better to so then read about my so-called life….just kidding B! I know how valuable your time is and I love that you care enough to check in!
Oh yeah…you too mom.
I was referring to the total slacker part; it’s not that I haven’t meant to write. But a writer requires inspiration in order to deliver the goods, and I’ve been lacking in that department as of late. The past little while has been pretty tame, no pig roasts or other such animalistic sacrificial proceedings to report, the nervous breakdowns have been reduced to one a week at most, by and large brought on by one of the many near death experiences I experience on a near-daily basis courtesy of the “drivers” here who seemingly peruse the streets in their death-mobiles, blasting K-pop from their speakers, chain smoking, eating, texting (all at the same time mind you) with occasional pauses to blast their horns at the stupid foreigners who dare to cross the street when the green walk light is on. Damn us and our notions of pedestrian privilege.

Life here has defiantly settled into something of a routine. The kids are a day by day challenge……some days I want to adopt them all, their sweet little faces and eager hands waving in the air. Other days……well….not so much. They touch you though; there is no denying that. In the strangest of ways and in moments you don’t really expect. I jokingly put on one of my middle school boys toques during an exercise the other day, and asked him if I looked pretty in it. He shyly looked at the ground and said I did. Or this little sweetie by the name of Alice, who grabbed my hand on the way out of the classroom and asked if she could come to my house after school. She pouted when I told her no. Or, most memorable of late, the way my students looked at me when I told them about my brother in Afghanistan, the war he fought while he was there, and why November 11th has suddenly become much more meaningful to me since then. They looked at the pictures I showed them and told me how brave and handsome my brother was, and how sad it was that some of his friends did not make it home. We colored poppies and read “In Flanders Fields”. Unexpectent tears were in my throat as they recited the poem for me while I recorded it to post online for Josh, Chris and Adam. I was surprised at how moved I was, how sweet they were, how earnest. It made my day, it really did.
I will post more very soon……I’m meeting up with Ashley and her crew for random festivities on Saturday night…..You never know where inspiration will strike☺.
By the way, I got to hang out with some lovely Korean ladies who reminded me of a group of hotties I know quite well back home........I was the only one they posed for pictures with. Clearly, they knew who I was!


Bethany said…
Woo! Woo Hoo! New post! Thanks for responding to my pleas lovely!

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