The day I thought would never come has.
Christmas break is upon us, a solid 10 days off, and a trip to look forward to, a reunion of sorts on the some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and a chance to regroup, rest and reflect on my time here so far.
Oh! And apparently a full moon party on the island we’re staying on Christmas Eve as well. I must have been a VERY good girl this year☺.
Christmas in Korea has been a trip; Christmas in Thailand will be even better. I am hard pressed to remember a time I needed rest more then right now. Our little Christmas tree sits in the corner of our apartment; its small promise has kept me going the past couple of weeks.
Changes continue to surround me here, as I was told, pardon me, “asked” if I would be willing to give up teaching for a month and assist at head office for the month of January. The 2 hour commute both ways was a big deterrent for me but after sweetening the deal with a place of my own for the first month of 2008 in a place within walking distance of the office, my decision was made. It seems to blow people’s minds that Dave and I are willing to be apart for a month, regardless of the fact that I am able to come back anytime I wish and spend the weekends where ever I (we) choose. The month will fly, they all have thus far.
I will return with pictures, warm memories, a tan and fresh faces to write about when I get back.



Natalia said…
That looks beautiful. Enjoy the trip. Take loads of pics and post them so we can live vicariously if we are still stuck in the office doing curriculum development.


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