A Brief Interlude

I find myself feeling homesick tonight, with no real reason for it. Indeed, with my best friend in town for a visit, and a weekend that was filled with good times with good friends, one would imagine oneself feeling an excess of gratitude for being in the here and now.
But I do.
So there.
My family and friends of course. But also…things less tangible.

The smell of the inside of a theatre, that feeling in the pit of my stomach right before I walk into an audition, and a glass of red wine with fellow cast members. Corsets, Lit and Sing Sing Sing. Jazz, Dad’s BBQ chicken and homemade guacamole. A Corona with my brothers. Saturdays at Splolumbo’s. 4th street. 1719 2nd Ave NW.

This is hard.


Nicholas said…
hang in there Miss....trust me it does get easier ...... and enjoy all of the wonderful memories of home, remmeber that if you then "bing some of those things" to your new life you could be a part of the wonderful memories of people will hvae of time in Korea. Include the best of both worlds
Bethany said…
I dunno babe, sounds to me like maybe it should be? You know the old adage regarding nothing worth having ever coming easy, yadda yadda yadda... it may be trite but that doesn't make it any less true. Keep your eye on the prize babe... in this case, I'd say it's the experience. Don't miss out because you're longing for something you'll have in due time. xo
Anonymous said…
We miss you too. I particularly miss the rise in tone and volume of your voice when you are possibly offended, disagree or have a different opinion on something fair and reasonable that the matriarch might have said. I am remembering fondly the sweet song of noooaah, or mauauaum - the way only you can respond. I also often crave to hear the oh-so-appropriate response of DAD, THATS SO NOT FUNNY, or OH OH, HERE COMES THE RANT, and then there are the fond memories of anything, and I do mean anything, that your sweet little brother might lovingly throw out there over family dinner to, oh shall we say, ruffle your feathers (more commonly thought of as raising hell). As your friend bethany says - we will be here waiting for you, older and God willing wiser - just like you.

love you

judiand dave
You'll do fine if you just stick to it and stay focused.

Besides, you've got that career as a writer ahead of you now...

Jeffery Hodges

* * *
Kathy said…
Hey Steph, heads up: life changes and you can feel ridiculously homesick for last year when you're in exactly the same place as you were then. But you already knew that....

love, k
Dee said…
Hmm... so you're suddenly randomly homesick, and I'm suddenly randomly homesick... could we be making each other homesick by our very homey-to-each-other presences?

Just a thought.
Hey! When I lived in Spain, I was homesick every single day of life. But it goes so fast. Home is still the same, it will always be the same. The only difference is that every here is proud of all the crazy/amazing things you are doing and will continue to do!

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