And just in case you thought otherwise.....

Today one of my kids came up to me and grabbed my arm. Teacher! she cried. You.....have baby? she asked and pointed to my stomach. Hahahahahaha, the demon spawn laughed. Baby, she said again and made a gesture that indicated my mid-section was not as slender as she would have preferred it to be.
This is why I hate kids.
After throwing her out the window, I trekked over to Dave's classroom. Do I look pregnent? I asked a classroom full of innocent looking faces? Three os them shook their heads while the fourth frowned. In your face, she told me.
My boyfriend laughed his fucking head off.
This is why I hate boys.


Anonymous said…
And yet another f-bomb...........gotta love that girl.

the prudie mama
Anonymous said…
I love your blog. I taught at Kid's Herald in Suwon for a year. The people were great but the country was was... "interesting." I miss the teachers and the good kids, but I'm glad no one is trying to stick their fingers up my butt. Keep writing!!!


Matthius100 said…
Holy pants! I just realized where I know you from! You helped me get a cab from the airport in December! Man, I've been wondering forever, and I finally figured it out. Small world. Oh well, I want you to know your articles for the Korean Herald are wonderful and your blog entries are entertaining. You are the most well written person I've met first hand, in a world of lol's and brb's, your writing is a refreshment to the eyes. Keep on trucking, and never let anyone drag you down.
Nicholas in the UK said…
All children are good ......... in broth with crackers on the side ?!?!?!?!
Bethany said…
I do not understand how anyone in the world could think you're pregnant when you're not. ??? Miss you!
James said…
Love the blog. You have a great writing style. I especially enjoyed your article in today's Herald.

James (An english teacher in Daejeon who also writes for the herald)
Steph said…
So glad to hear I wasn't the only one who was labeled fat and old by their students! I can't believe I miss being handed anti-wrinkle cream and having men approach me on the subway demanding to know why I would leave my country when I am of marrying age. I must be crazy.

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