A New Resolve

First of all, I’m an ass.
Just wanted to get that one out of the way.
My upkeep with my writing has been, as of late, disgustingly absent and guiltily back-burner-ed. Life has been getting in the way, so what else is new. It’s all suffering, my journal, my blog, even the articles I’ve been writing for the Korean Herald have not been given the attention I wish to devote to them. Writing in Korea has been something that has greatly contributed to me not losing my fucking patience/mind/will to live (at times). Therefore.
I am making a five-month-into-the-new-year resolution: I will henceforth be giving the aforementioned prose a little more tender loving care, with the idea being to allow myself a little more “me” time, something I’ve also been lacking as of late.
And speaking of late….since when did it get to be May?

Spring is in full swing here in Korea and with reports of my hometown being swathed in snow, I am welcoming this season with open arms. Spring is by far my favorite season, for so many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that spring is always a new beginning. No matter how long, how cold the winter has been, no matter how bleak things seemed for a time, no matter how seemingly dead those trees looked, those flowers seemed, no matter how grey that sky may have indeed been, it will all be washed away, melted, thawed, refreshed, renewed.
That dear friend, to me, is nothing short of a miracle.
Are you gagging yet? ☺

Secondly, my parents have somehow made their way over to my side of the world for a few days. Talk about worlds colliding. But it’s been good, crazy good, and I will update further once I have a little more of that “me” time I’ve mentioned. Soon.

Lastly; Things I plan on having/doing/being around/being in the next little while:

Red wine
Black sparkly dresses
High heels
All of the above
Cool people
Happy people
Black tea lattes
Big, grey comfy sweatshirts
False eyelashes
All of the above
Speaking Korean
Smelling flowers
Sitting in the sun
Orange cinnamon room spray
My boyfriend
All of the above


Bethany said…
The dancing and false eyelashes made my heart jump... Miss you terribly. Am so glad (and partly jealous although partly not really) that you've had this experience, and are still experiencing it to the fullest. Also glad that some recent postings are lighter of heart, it's good to know you're happy.

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Anonymous said…
Hey Girl - what's this 'two worlds colliding' - huh??!!

M.KATE said…
very interesting blog indeed, love all the pictures :)

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