Why I haven't been blogging....

I have been living and breathing work. I am tired. I am sick. I am currently living on approximately $5 per day as the money I have been earning has been eaten up this month by travel plans, exciting but exhausting and doing nothing to diminish my To-Do list, and/or the debt I am trying to pay off to the soul sucking sponge known as the Canadian Government, who I have yet to receive my tax refund from. It is nearly August yet my skin is the color of a cadaver on account of the fact that the majority of my days are spent cooped up in a classroom with a virtual army of unmotivated, unappreciative, Ritalin deprived children who have the audacity to ask me exactly when I am leaving Korea and cheer when I answer, soon. This could be a side affect of the 14 pages of homework I am forced to give them each class in order to keep up with the ridiculous curriculum set by the baby-sitting business I currently work for…oh, I’m sorry, “school”. I can kiss the gym goodbye for the next month, one of my only outlets for stress release, as I will be working from 9am-8pm every day for the month of August. Intensives have arrived. Oh, and it’s monsoon season here in Korea, downpours and flashfloods are common occurrences and the temperature has not dropped below 28 degrees in the last 3 weeks. But that’s ok cause I love it when it’s so hot and humid every time you step outside it’s like walking into a Jacuzzi. Oh wait…

The cherry on the sundae that is my life happened a few days ago when I finally had a chance to go to the eye doctor after a few weeks of irritation and redness. He told me I had an eye infection that is treatable but it will take quite a bit of time to go away. I asked him what usually causes something like this as he was prescribing me some medication. Stress he told me.


Anonymous said…
Honey - Bunny - not one single F-bomb, WOW - hard to believe but fabulous to see. You are my sunshine!!!!! Glad that you're standing up so well to the stress, you should be able to handle things when they get really bad, don't you think???!! Your very own loving, adoring, appreciative

MOM(insert smile here)
Bethany said…
Wow, it sounds so glamorous! Hah hah... you'll rock it, you always do. :) This is the stuff that strength is made of, isn't it? Love you and missing you from over here... maybe you could start working on your return solo in your 'free time'... it's not the gym but it's physical and it'll send you to bed with thoughts of sequins and rufflebums. :p

Anonymous said…
Hello I have a question I was wondering if you could answer. I am planning on teaching ESL but I am not sure how to find a good job. How did you find your job?

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