5 days left........

This month cannot end fucking fast enough.
If any of you happen to read about a teacher in South Korea who put a kid-sized hole through the wall of her classroom when, after busting her ass to make it through all the bloody material her school requires her to get through while keeping the children’s rapt attention for two hours discussing photosynthesis and adjective clauses, one of her unwilling, sassy-ass minions called her a bad teacher for never playing games in class, please believe me when I say I tried to restrain myself.
But working 12 hour days while prepping for 7 different classes does funny things to one’s perception of right and wrong and I know that most of you, of the three of you who still read this, will understand the sentiment when it comes to something that you know is wrong, but at the time, feels very very right.
Alright, alright, so I’m not going to be chucking kids through walls…..probably. Besides, they might not let me leave the country if I started acting on every homicidal tendency that I felt. And as it stands, this time next week, I will be in southern Japan, with a 10-day itinerary that includes Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. This kabuki girl is going to where it all started.
Our departure will also be a goodbye to many of our friends who have been there since the beginning. It’ll be bittersweet in many ways, and the knowledge that I will be returning to a Korea that will be different, with new faces and our final goodbyes to look forward to, is both unsettling and welcome.
Change, the only constant here in Korea, is upon us once again.
Bring it on.......


Anonymous said…
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAlmost done girl - hang in there!!
love you

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