Thoughts on Mother Nature....

Dee wants me to die in a fire every time I say this but I am so happy that it’s finally cooling down outside. Seriously, after 3 solid months of extreme heat and humidity I am ready to kiss summer goodbye, a sexy french kiss with lots of tongue that will leave him begging for more so as to ensure his return at the appropriate time next year though. Yes, him. I’ve always thought of summer and winter as male and spring and autumn as female, although I’m not sure what this says about my views on gender. Dee? Thoughts? Summer and winter both being seasons of extremes while spring and fall remain more temperate, a slow shifting from one extreme to the other, cushioning us and controlling the transfer of the seasons. Being a female, I know that’s how most people see me, a restrained and judicious force of nature, soothing and reassuring.
Maybe ever-changing and transformative, always ushering in one extreme or the other with little to no regard as to what people are actually ready for? Sounding more on par?

Regardless, autumn is slowly but surely sneaking up on us and I, for one, am welcoming her with open arms. The colder it gets, means the closer I get to wrapping up business here in the good ol’ SK and plunging headfirst into my next adventure. I’ll be living it up, nomad style, in my white bikini, (cultural appropriateness be damned) Ray Bans and sunscreen in hand for as long as the money holds out and then home-sweet-muther-fucking-home to wallow in friends, theatre, dancing and organic food, in that order.
I would have put family first on that list but seeing how BOTH my brothers couldn’t be bothered to send me a proper e-mail on my birthday this year, they will have to deal with sloppy…fifths.
School is the gong-show that is always is, that it always will be. My weekends have been filled with R&R and trips to Seoul, lovely Seoul whom I have fallen in love with. I cannot wait to feel the fall in that amazing city, Insadong’s eccentric predictability and Hyewa’s artsy vibe.
I am loving that these are my last weeks here, loving, for the most part, the activities I am filling them with, and the people I am choosing to surround myself with.
I can't believe I'm going to be leaving this soon. I mean I can......but......really?


vagabondshandi said…
Sounds about right... maybe too because summer and winter are so unidimensional whereas spring and autumn are awash in complexity and depth. And that was my nonsexist answer. (-;

Well maybe not in a fire, that sounds a little excessively painful.
Alexi said…
Hi! I'm an American (female) who has been in Suwon for a week and a day--I'm looking to meet some English-speaking people and learn my way around town. Any chance we can meet up or do you have any suggestions for me? I don't know anyone here. Email is ajacobs_dunlap@hotmail. Thanks!

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