Blueberry Blast....and such.....

Alright I’ll make this brief;

-I’m getting paid hourly, which means if they make me teach longer hours, I will be compensated appropriately.
-I’m teaching with some really excellent people this summer, cream of the crop as far as intellectuals go; Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, I think you get the idea. I was intimidated at first, but have since realized that the combination of public speaking and being forced to interact with teenagers, brings us all down to the same playing field. Personally, I find teenagers more relatable to than a 7 year old, generally speaking. They might be assholes…but I can at least understand where they’re coming from.
-Living in the heart of Seoul. D-A-MN. Hells yeah.
-When I teach, I feel capable and confident. No longer am I waxing poetic about the fucking harp by the fucking river, or trying to explain what the word “almost” means. I’m speaking to my class about Mark Twain and Maya Angelou and being asked what the word “assiduous” means. (Look it up…I had to…) I feel better about what I am doing every day. Do you know how good that feels?


-Fucking Korea
-I do NOT get paid for prep time, which, at my last count, was at 100 Bazillion Hours…
-Being asked if I prefer TTH or MWF; which is their way of telling me that I WILL be teaching an additional class starting next week, on top of my regular classes, E-writing (don’t even fucking ask), and prep time.
-Realizing that unless I say something NOW (and even then, who knows) I will have spent the last 2 1/2 weeks killing myself prepping for these classes only to have them switch my schedule around next month so I can spend another 2 1/2 weeks doing the exact same thing. Squeaky wheel?
-Fucking Korea

To sum up:

I am currently employed by The Princeton Review Korea.
There are worse places to work out there. Trust me.
I have 9 weeks left.

I’m not going to go on and on about my job. It’s boring. For you and for me.

A: This weekend will mark the 3rd time I have moved in less than a month. By the end of the summer I will have moved 10 times in the past 2 years.
Q: Reasons that the term “Settling Down” doesn’t scare me anymore include.

I miss you all so much.
Especially you.


Rick and Kathy said…
Hey Steph!

Great to keep up with you. You're amazing.

Did you see Kate has a new camera? Check her blog: incredible eye, that girl.

We have a new website if you want to change your link to it: . Not posting to PFI anymore.

Keep writing!
love, k
kate said…
I, like my mom, also love your blog. Apparently the Schmidt's are big fans Steph :). Hang in there...
Vivian said…
You got a pretty amazing job! And in Apku :)

But yes, I hear you: Fucking Korea. I know what you mean. We love to hate it, don't we?!
Anonymous said…
pictures are great ....
thanks for sharing....

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