T-Minus 5 Days


How can a place that feels like a dream contain such harsh realities?

How many ways can you lose yourself? How quickly can you forget who you are, how you are, what you are?

How many ways can you love and loathe at the same time?

How long will it be until you go, mercifully, numb?

How did it come to this?

And now….

Life in Technicolor.

Sweat and shaky muscles.

Peanut butter and banana.


Laughter and longing.

Iced vanilla lattes.

Music and lyrics.



Vivian said…
5 days... wow.

summer flew by. love this post. as usual.
brat9 said…
love you...
miss you...
can't wait to see you...

and as lost as you may feel...
it helps to know that you're not alone...
which i can promise you, you are not. <3 <3

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