Lighting Candles

As of late…..

…I’ve been missing this. Writing. Full glass of wine to my left, Radiohead in my speakers, my jumbled, fucked up thoughts somehow congealing into something resembling sense and pouring out of my fingers onto a keyboard and into cyberspace…words snatched from my mouth, my mind…my small vulnerable contribution…..

…I made a new friend. Her name is Harley…

…School is the same mess of hoops, smoke and mirrors it has seemed since the beginning. The days fly by in a flurry of lectures, laptops, and lucky guesses. Stolen moments on Facebook in class, the pressures of professionalism and the company of three people I can only hope will flourish under fluorescent lights, fueled by coffee, laughter and weekend brunches…

…I am anxiously anticipating my return to the stage. The feeling of a script in my hands again is so delicious it’s sinful…delving into the layers of a character, discussing motivations and emotional depth, verbing lines and breathing in the smell of a rehearsal space…I feel grounded, stable, sane….

…I have begun the painful process of bidding adieu to the lovely Holli Day. I am not sure hw I will feel when she is gone…she gave me more than I anticipated…things I never knew I needed…but am not sure I need anymore…

...I am watching those I love evolve...and am feeling waves of gratitude that after what feels like million years.....I am here to see it, feel it, be a part of it.....

…I have not, will not, ever, stop dancing….

…I’m still in the dark, Lighting Candles…..


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