Riding out the rain......

Things that are helping me feel better about being in Korea:

-$5 bottles of Red Wine……it’s not half bad actually…..and it does the job.
-My boyfriend

-Korean food is actually not bad...

-Experiencing a fabulous 100 piece orchestral concert conducted by a Hollywood legend, seeing and feeling for myself how music truly is the universal language and the passion that so many people have for film, music, and art.
-The fact that I have found a bar that serves gin.
-Mondu-Guk; a kind of dumpling soup with carrot, zucchini, onion and seaweed, only $3 from a restaurant just downstairs from the school.
-Baskin Robbins……on EVERY SINGLE CORNER…..
-My new computer
-Calling Cards
-Walking into my classroom and seeing a student writing, “I love Stephanie Teacher” on the white board.

-The new James Blunt album; give it a bit, it grows on you.
-The feeling I get when I step off the bus in Gangnam district in Seoul; organized chaos, deafening traffic, the smell of deep friend food, and the feeling of unlimited possibility…

Things that are already pissing me off about Korea:

-Asking someone the time is an eff-ing three hour process….as is ordering in a non-Western restaurant, inquiring as to how much a certain product may cost, asking where the bloody restroom is…and speaking of restrooms…..
-The fact that most restaurants, bars, pubs, etc. of the non-western variety do not have bathrooms within said vicinity. Usually located down the hallway/on another floor entirely, and will not, repeat, will not, come equipped with toilet paper, paper towels, or other such frivolous effects. If you’re lucky you get an actual toilet. If not……..

-The coffee situation; either instant or it’s latte city. Drip coffee will run you at least $3.50 for a small at….you guessed it……

-Students who don’t do their *@%*ing homework...more on this guy to come....

-The fact that all I see Korean women eating is deep-fried-everything, ice cream, baked goods or rice with meat and a ton of sauce….yet they are all a size negative 3…..
-We don’t have a clothes dryer. Nuff said.
-The fact that the bar that serves gin is not located anywhere near where I actually live.
-Karen Fisher…no wait…that’s just in general…….

Much more will be added to both of these in the days, weeks and months to come. I realize how excied this must make you, but please, try and contain yourself.....
Bottom line?
There are somethings here that irritate me to no end. Knowing my easy-going nature, I realize this must come as a shock to most of you, however, I assure you it's true. Dave has thus far thwated my attempts at tellling the Koreans just what exactly I think of some of their "cultural choices". I'll be increasing my efforts at the gym in the coming weeks, so I'll be able to fight back when the ol'"jam a sock in her mouth, throw her over my shoulder and get her the hell out of there" technique is called upon.
There are also, a few things about this place that I've found somewhat endearing, lovely, fun, sweet even.
Balance..........I suppose this is what we call balance.
Hanging in there.....


Nicholas said…
Trade you .............you at least can get coffee...... you can not get a coffee of any sort anywhere after about 5:00pm in this effing country?!?!?!? But we do have gin
Becky said…
Hey Stephanie!
How about the inability of male married Koreans to wear wedding rings. I've been told countless times that they had been "lost" so the wife also finds her ring "lost." We've been in Suwon since June 29th. Hey, it gets better some days and worse others. We're from the States for a three year stay. If I can help you guys, let me know!
Shannon said…
you know what i love about korea??

meeting the amazing people like yourself and dave...

keep your head up...

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