Missin my mom☺
Just sayin.

Apologies for the lack of postings as of late. I’ve been busy coping. And rediscovering certain gems of wisdom I had forgotten. Example:
Everything in life is a little bit better when you’re half-cut. Or fully cut……either/or works really. I will be investing in a few bottles of red. It’s been decided.

It’s been a rough go the past few weeks, and I have a sinking feeling we’re not in the clear quite yet. Inner strength that could bend steel non-withstanding, it turns out that uprooting your life, saying goodbye to everyone (well, almost everyone) you love, leaving behind passions that feed your soul and keep you sane, and trading it all in for a job that has you juggling kids and their fucking temper tantrums while smack dab in the middle of a place that is simultaneously technologically supercharged, and devastatingly old-fashioned all while suppressing your urge to vomit/scream in frustration at not being able to communicate with anyone without resorting to hand signals like some sort of trained chimp, is a little bit more stressful then first imagined.
Who knew?
Don’t get me wrong. I did not for a second think that this was going to be any sort of cakewalk. I knew there would be frustrations and challenges. But when given the opportunity, as most of us are so rarely afforded, to see a life change coming from a long way off, it’s easy to forget that even though we are responsible for these changes, we still have to work through the shit that happens as a result. Apparently this means bursting into tears in the bathroom stall between classes, feeling starved when even the thought of food makes you nauseous, and being prone to fits of maniacal laughter in response to situations I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash at back home.
But fuck is it ever cool here sometimes.
Feeling myself getting swept up in the current of people on a busy street in Seoul. Sitting in a café eating gelato and talking about art with a fellow teacher/artist at midnight while the streets of Suwon hum outside the door. Walking back from the gym on a crisp autumn morning, feeling the mist being burned away and watching woman beat a rug outside her window, stumbling home at 4am feeling deliciously drunk and oh so satisfied. Galbi. Aloe juice and apple pop. Shoes. Ropes of rhinestones. Heated floors. Neon.
Yes, even the neon☺
I have much more to say about what’s been going on and will have a proper post up this weekend. I will be shopping in Seoul on Saturday, WHOOT!!!! ☺

Missin my dancing girls too.
Just sayin.


Brad said…
i got your link from Shannon Duke, a friend of mine from home. Great blog, and I hope to read more stories.


C said…
Just catching up on your blogs...and guess what doll....WE MISS YOU TOO!!!!!!!! cant wait for Holly's return!

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