I'm baaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkk.........

So while attempting to navigate the house of cards that is my life, it would seem I have dropped the proverbial ball when it comes to this damn thing.
Allow me to explain.

First of all, I have discovered a new group of people in the world to emulate and admire along side the couple I met in Cambodia who had been there for close to 4 years helping landmine victims, and that girl I saw at the bar one time who did 15 shots in 15 seconds. No word of a lie, she just slammed them and walked out of there…incredible.

Anyways, the list will now be expanded to include anyone who is backpacking through, well, anywhere I guess, and still manages to keep their blog/Facebook/e-mail correspondences updated/coherent. I salute/envy you. Shocking as I’m sure this will be to many of you, I was not able to keep my legions of fans regularly updated with my travel tales, that included me lugging a backpack the size of an overweight 6 year old around, while contemplating where my next cold shower would be coming from and how I was going to prevent the various creepy-crawlies currently abiding in the run-down shack I would be sleeping in that night from burrowing through my ear to my brain. Cause they do that you know.

Even after returning to Canada, I found myself way to busy way too fast and barely had time to catch my breath never mind blog. I hit the ground running…literally and figuritively, and it’s only been lately, 4 months after returning to this place I call home while, ironically, planning my return to Korea, that I have found time to pause, breathe, reflect. Blog.

Yes, you read that correctly. That three-martini lunch you had…….or I had…….isn’t causing you(fourtunatly) or I (unfortunately) to hallucinate.

I’m going back to South Korea. To teach children. God help us….or, more aptly, them.
Now before you get your panties all in a bunch, let me elaborate a bit.

The boyfriend, brave man that he is, decided that 14 months in SK and 6-ish weeks of travel weren’t quite enough for his tastes and has taken the plunge yet again, for another full year in the sea of neon that IS South Korea. Now before you chock him up to a full bowl of crazy, he is not working with the same outfit we found ourselves in last year, but has rather opted for an altogether more reliable opportunity that came his way to work in the public school sector of Seoul, a government funded operation that seems (so far) to be fairly recession proof. This does however put us in a bit of a relationship pickle, because as much fun as a long-distance, inter-contenential relationship can be, there are times….TIMES…when it can be a bit…A BIT…..of a bummer.
Seeing as I rock and all, I’ve made the bold and somewhat shocking(some may say, justifiably so) decision to return to Seoul for the summer months to teach, drink, shop and, y’know, work on my relationship. Not necessarily in that order. I’ve somehow been able to finangle a 3 month contract that will pay for my flight there and back, give me a housing allowance, and pay me a fairly decent wage for me to take back to Canada and turn over to the post-secondary institution I will be attending in the fall.
More on that later.
And seeing as I was kind enough to receive an e-mail from a fellow Seoul blogger, curious about my experiences with LAK (Life After Korea), I though I’d kick myself in the ass and get this thing going again.
T-minus 30 days.
Stay tuned……..


brat9 said…
i'm glad u started blogging again. <3
Anonymous said…
great to read this ....
thanks for sharing....

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