Short and sweet.

Stumbling home drunk at 5am is not conducive to waking up at 9am to chat with friends online…….just FYI.
Today is the start of a five-day weekend for me!!! Cheousak (sp), the Korean Thanksgiving holiday is next week and as such, the school is closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Sooooooo excited to have a bit of a breather from the first few weeks of insanity and stress. Celebrated last night with some Galbi (Korean BBQ) and a few drinks with friends and at Pavox. Good times….as usual☺.

Other then that, not much to report right now, although we’ll be having a few adventures in the next couple of days with a few trips into the city so I’ll keep you posted.
Final note: as much as it pains me to admit this, JT’s new album is freaking sweet. I’ve been listening to it at the gym in the mornings and it’s good. All of it.


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