I am freaking exausted and have been crying on and off for the better part of the last 2 days. I can't even help myself, yesterday I teared up in the middle of class. We were correcting a quiz, I asked who had the answer for number 7, this kid named John raised his hand, answered and I practically started to bawl! It was even the right answer....the poor kid. I pulled it together and gave them candy on the codition they not tell anyone their teacher is a sad pathetic mess who couldn't educate her way out of a paper bag.
I will write more this weekend. We get internet next week.
So thats good.


Anonymous said…
Sweetie... I'm glad it is the weekend too, it sounds like you need a break! I'm sure you giving the class candy was just one more example of how cool a teacher they think you are...

I'm sorry sweetie, I'm sure next week will be better! I love you!

Anonymous said…
Don't be so hard on yourself, dollface! Every new job has a learning curve to it, not to mention trying to do that job a few thousand miles from home! Sending much love across the ocean to you!!

Hey girl.. I'm telling ya.... keep your head up.. you got this under control! :)
Anonymous said…
Steph... I'm sure you're a great teacher... I know that I've learned a lot from you - these kids will too! Love you so much and miss you terribly...

Bethany said…
Don't worry hunny bunch, you're going to do FINE. Or, even better - FOINE! It's a learning curve, just like they are all having too right? A technique I often use to get through stuff that scares me, or threatens to trample me, or seems too hard: Tell yourself: "I'm DEFINITELY not the first person to experience this... and if it killed them, I would have heard about it." :)


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