How far we've come

Dear Mom:
As you will most likely be reading this once I get to Korea, I would just like to inform you that I will be, at times, and only if the situation calls for it, language you may find inappropriate for your daughter to be using. My only defense is how most everyone in my effing (she doesn’t like that either, says it’s the insinuation that matters…) life tells me how every day in every way, I’m becoming more and more like you. My benevolent and jovial personality is evidence of this as is my growing adoration of red wine.

Moving on…

Gym culture is an interesting thing. Although I can certainly understand why some abhor it, I personally find that it works for me. I consider myself fortunate in that for the most part, I enjoy working out and so look forward to my time spent at the gym. And while I enjoy the occasional work out buddy, I also find it a time for me to be alone, and relish the opportunity to focus on nothing more then breathing, reps and the new Matchbox Twenty song blasting from my mp3 player (thanks Mike!). I work hard while I’m there, and it feels good to push my body, to really use it, work up a good sweat and walk to the locker room afterwards with a sense of accomplishment. So what if my face resembles a blotchy tomato that’s just been washed? Make-up’s been sweated off? Who cares? You left sweat marks on the mat you’re stretching on? That’s what the spray bottles and rags are for! It weird’s me out when guys try to hit on me while I’m working out. Putting aside the fact that I’m plugged into music, NOT paying anyone the slightest bit of attention and clearly working hard on my own, I can’t be the prettiest picture you’ve ever seen. My work out gear is pretty well worn and used, and in all probability I’ve sweated most of my make-up off with my hair half hazardly thrown out of my reddened face. WTF?

Yes, you probably have seen me around here before.
Yes, I do lift weights as well as cardio (unlike the majority of the females there)
No, I can’t do the splits. Fuck off!! (Mom, you would use the same language if you had these people talking to you and you know it….)

You see some interesting people at the gym. The standard issue juice monkeys with no necks and arms that are bigger then their legs. The high school looking frat boys who wear the latest Nike apparel while drinking Gatorade and riding on the stationary bikes. Watching people talk on their cell phones as they work out is always entertaining. Really, how productive can you be trying to lift weights as you cradle your Razar in the crook of your shoulder? Seeing people use the gym as they work their social connections is funny too. My friend Ashley and I used to watch this guy at our old gym in Victoria. Ash called him Johnny Walker as he spent more time carrying a couple of free weights around and socializing then he did actually lifting anything. And then there are the ladies. You know who I’m talking about. The Paris Hilton wannabe’s in their matching pink workout ensemble they bought yesterday and just HAD to wear, make-up and pigtails firmly in place and the very vision of tanned perfection. The one’s who work the lowest setting on the Stairmaster while reading the latest issue of Cosmo. I often wonder how most of these girls manage to stay so skinny as they clearly don’t burn that many calories during their “work-outs”. Good genes? Anorexic tendencies? Life is full of unsolved mysteries.

All in all though, I’m glad to be able to get my fix when I can. Even gladder (is that a word?) that there will be a new gym where I’m going, and a whole new gym culture to analyze and dissect. Just think!!
Dee, try to contain yourself, I know you’ll be holding your breath for that post!!


I don't know, sweetheart... I think you look pretty cure when you're working out.
I don't know, sweetheart... I think you look pretty cute when you're working out.

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