More to every sense....

The air is thick and wet here. Foregien smells are everywhere, both pleasent and alarming.The people are a strange mix of polite/gracious and rude/pushy. I have realized I never knew the meaning of the word NEON until I saw the buildings..the sight is incredible up close. It can feel like an assault on your senses at times, the sheer volume of noise, lights, people, bombarded with a language you are so unfamiliar with, the strange mix of english and hangul in the thousands, yes thousands, of signs staring at you from every direction. You have to's just all so different. What else can you do?
We have met some friends already, 3 Canadian, 1 Aussie who happens to also be Chinese and cannot understand why the Korens assume she can speak their language. They will be our fellow teachers. It's nice to have people who understand you.
There is to much to write about right now, we only have 15 minutes before we will be meeting up with Ian, Dave's friend who moved to Korea for his wife Bonnie. We're spending the day with them and it will be nice to see faces I've assosiated with back home.
It's humid as hell here, Mom, you would hate this time of year! Dad, you might actually like it.....
I have not really had a chance to be homesick yet, jet lag is kicking my ass right now, it's a struggle to stay up until 9pm, and we're awake by 6am, at the latest. This is a culture of nightlife, it seems that everything DOES get hotter when the sun goes down. I will post some pics I've been taking as soon as A) I figure out how and B) we have internet. Some things here have got to be seen to be believed.
Truth be told, it's been a struggle to write even this much. I feel in a state of shock, not in a bad way at all, just a bit gobsmacked y'know? I tried to write some stuff on the plane ride over that I'll post (see A&B above) but again, I have no idea if it even made sense. My brain feels overloaded.......insert obvious joke here. I will post again soon.
I am so glad I decided to do this. I am completly out of my comfort zone, far removed from my element. I am excited, scared, nervous, anxious, blown away, and oh so overwhelmed it's insane.
It's good's very very good.


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