Sunday afternoon.....

It's official.
Life as I know it has been completly and utterly thrown out the window.
I have leaned new meaning to the phrase....What the Fuck?
I am sitting in an internet cafe, surrounded by blue neon lights (inspite of the fact that it's still daylight outside), vending machines selling everything from hot canned coffee(yes you read that right) to freeze dried noodles and flaked squid and more 14 year old boys then I think I've ever seen(which is a little bit creepy...not gonna lie.) The sound is near deafening, gun shots, machine guns, bombs, greneades...all computerized of course. South Korea seems to be a gamer's paradise....Weird Al, eat your heart out. Air conditioning, sweet, sweet air conditioning is mercifully blowing right on me, a blessed reilef from the air outside, which is humid, hot and unrelenting.
There are bugs here the size of my hand.
The way the air smells changes with every breath I take; seaweed, garbage, exaust, womens perfume, water, fish, fried food, baked bread, BBQ, it goes on and on. I find strange comfort in the sounds surrounding me, conversations I cannot understand, the constant screaming of car horns, motercycle engines and the puttputt of scooters, loud bubblegum pop music blaring from every street corner speaker, and the crying of some of the cutest babies I've ever laid eyes on.
I breathe it in, all of it. I'm not even trying to make sense of any of it...I think if I did, my brain would explode.
I'm serious.
Dave and I are off to have dinner with some teachers from our school, and tommorrow marks our first day of teacher orientation. Soon I will be responsible for the well-being and education of a classroom full of children. They will look to me for guidance and understanding as they grapple with the concept of what I am told is the hardest language in the world to learn. They will ask me questions and expect me to know the answers. They will see me and expect me to set an example for them in the ways of the western world.
See? Now you as well have learned a new meaning for the phrase...What the Fuck???!!!!!


Kathy said…
Hang, Steph. You are doing it exactly right. Just let it seep in slowly. Trust God to let it make sense. He already gets the whole deal. No "WTF?!!!" there, and you are allowed to borrow it.

love, k

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