The kids are gonna kick my ass......

Teacher Stephanie........Stephanie Teacher?
hmmmm......This might take some getting used to......
Training so far is what it is.....but I still wish I could have observed some actual teaching in a classroom setting. We don;t even get our schedules or class levels until tommorrow afternoon. Seriously. I'm going to be prepping my freaking ass off tommorrow night and Thursday morning. Kids can smell fear, I swear to god. You know that nightmare where your in school in your underwear? It'll be like that, with less underwear and more with the kids just laughing and pointing at their silly white teacher while throwing spitballs and screaming at the top of their lungs.
Yeah. That'll be good.
In any case, life here as yet to settle into a real routine so to speak. I'm looking forward to it, in spite of the spitball/screaming aspect of it. The staff at the school have been really friendly, very helpful. In particular, our counselor, Kim, has been fabulous. He's pretty chill, smiley, and very sweet. Everyone is doing their best to make us feel welcome, it's nice.
Gotta run for to Home Plus (The Korean version of Wal-Mart......times 10) to pick up a few things and then grab some dinner.


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